Did you know about our payroll deduction scheme?

Summer’s here and you might be thinking of getting your hands on a bit of cash for a holiday, or for holiday spending money, or those DIY jobs you’ve been getting round to for a while. Just to remind you: Thamesbank is owned entirely by our members (that’s you!) and our board is made up of unpaid volunteers. If you don’t like us, you have the chance to get rid of us every year at the AGM. Our administration is run by Credit Union Solutions, a workers cooperative. All our loans are straightforward and clear – there are no tricks and no hidden fees. We guarantee to match or beat any written offer you get from anyone else for a loan. You will be shocked by how much you could save by taking one of our loans rather than a bank overdraft, or a doorstep or payday loan, or buying goods from one of the rent-to-buy shops like BrightHouse.

We have plenty of money to lend and we’d rather it was supporting our members than lying in the bank. So, if you’re thinking of borrowing money, check out your Credit Union first. Also, think about whether you have other loans – or overdrafts or credit card balances – that you could pay off with a Thamesbank loan and save yourself some money!

Payroll Deduction

Many Thamesbank members have arrangements with their employer to make payments to Thamesbank direct from their pay packet. Members who have this arrangement are the lucky ones because it saves the hassle. It also means that loans can be processed quicker and at much better rates, as the credit union won’t have to worry about repayments. Many members like it because they put a small sum aside each month – maybe they do this with a pay rise – and find they have saved money without really noticing it because they never had it in their bank account in the first place.

If you like that idea, why not talk to your employer about offering this service? It doesn’t cost them anything and it’s good for their staff. If you don’t fancy talking to them yourself – just let us know and we’ll approach them.

Tell your friends and colleagues about Thamesbank too: it’s easy to join the Credit Union. Credit Unions are about people banding together; to help themselves and their friends and neighbours. So don’t be shy about playing your part.

Best wishes and enjoy this lovely summer,

Mukesh Malhotra
Chair – Thamesbank Credit Union

Working with ABCUL for their Work Not Worry campaign.

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